About Robert
About Robert

Robert Hannah BSc (Kinesiology)

PGA of Canada Teaching Professional
Director of Instruction: Rebel Creek Golf Club
Rob Hannah has been a PGA of Canada member for 30 years and a full time Teaching Professional for the past twenty years. He has helped thousands of golfers prioritize the key technical skills that lead to improvement. As with many sports, technology is changing the feedback information received by participants. It is more important than ever to have a coach to clear up misconceptions, and provide clear instruction and guidance utilizing a proven teaching style. Following lessons when appropriate, students will receive, by email, a voiced over video review of their swing analysis and lesson summary.
Rob has added a new dimension to his teaching with the Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor.  While new technologies assist in the learning process it is vital that the coach has the ability to evaluate the many components that contribute to a golfer’s performance level such as fitness, short game skills, and practice strategies.
Rob continues to study the many factors that contribute to a golfer’s improvement and in the process has become a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. Develop your game under the guidance of a Professional with the background and experience required to assist with all facets of the game. 

Robert's Core Principles:

As in other sports, developments in sport science and coaching methods, as well as new technology, are having a strong influence on golf. It is essential to incorporate this new information when providing the knowledge and tools required to develop the essential fundamentals for the numerous aspects of the game. Similar to other sports it is now accepted that there are five main components that contribute to a golfer’s performance level. These components are technical, physical, tactical, mental conditioning, and equipment. There are many avenues to consider when striving for improvement and few quick fixes. The key is to develop skills in the appropriate progression using the best methods.

  • A key goal of Instruction is to clear up misconceptions. Practicing with misconceptions leads to engrained bad habits  
  • Coordination of functional movement patterns is a major key to swing improvements  
  • A golfer’s physical condition will significantly influence performance  
  • Properly fitted clubs and the appropriate combination of clubs greatly assists in the improvement process  
  • An Instructor must evaluate a player’s current skill level prior to developing an improvement program  
  • Detailed lesson plans for lessons and clinics are essential  
  • Good communication skills are as important as technical knowledge for being an effective teacher

Coaching vs. Swing Instruction:

Coaching golf involves more than just teaching the golf swing. Work on your game under the guidance of a Professional who possesses the training and background required to assist with all facets of the game. The PGA of Canada is recognized as a world leader in providing coaching education for its members.

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