3D Swing Analysis

(www.k-vest.com) is a 3D motion analysis system. K-VEST provides quantitative data in the form of graphs, tables, and animation. Over the last two decades regular 2D video revolutionized golf instruction. The 3D format is also revolutionary as it provides detailed information on the golf swing that cannot be attained from 2D video. For reference, one can think of 2D video as being like an X –ray and 3D video analysis as being more like a MRI of the golf swing.

K-VEST is an excellent diagnostic tool and can also be used live during the course of a training session. K-VEST’s animation mode can be utilized to assist with crucial areas of the game such as proper set-up position, swing positions, and functional movement exercises.

K-VEST is possibly most effective when being used to measure a golfer’s Kinematic Sequence. The Kinematic Sequence can be summarized as the body’s ability to create speed and power by transferring momentum from large body segments to smaller extremities. Research has shown that although the swings of elite golfers may appear to be quite different when viewed on video, they are consistent in the way they efficiently use their bodies to create clubhead speed at impact. K-VEST can highlight important areas in a golfer’s Kinematic Sequence that will allow golfer’s to use their bodies more efficiently.